Heliocare 360º Age Active Fluid SPF 50

Say hello to the Heliocare 360 Active Fluid; Emma’s new favourite SPF! A light, hydrating fluid providing high-level broad spectrum protection plus a triple anti-ageing complex to help prevent the visible signs of ageing. 

THE DETAILS: The complex features a trio of hydrators to help to plump the skin and smooth lines, while an additional ‘soft focus’ complex helps to diffuse light, reducing the appearance of fine lines. This silky fluid also has a subtle tint, so it not only melts into the skin but also helps even the complexion and is suitable for all skin types. Heliocare 360° Age Active Fluid also features a ‘second skin’ which not only helps to lock in moisture, but also protects the skin at its surface from pollution. 

SAPPHIRE SKINCARE TIP: As we age, changes occur in our skin. Skin cell renewal slows down, making our complexions rougher and duller. We produce less elastin, so the skin becomes less plump, and fewer natural oils, which makes the skin more dry. We can help to protect our natural collagen production by avoiding these external aggressors and following healthy skin habits such as wearing broad spectrum sun protection everyday, eating foods rich in collagen and vitamin C and drinking more water.

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