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Environ Skin EssentiA (AVST) Dual Action Pre-Cleansing Oil


Anastasia recommends this pre cleansing oil if you wear a heavy foundation. This mild pre-cleanser gently and effectively cleanses by assisting with the removal of excess surface oils, impurities and make-up. It rinses off effortlessly with no oily residue, leaving the skin feeling clean and moisturised.

Ana's evening routine consists of the Environ pre cleansing oil. This product is designed to effectively remove all traces of excess surface oil, SPF and make up without drying  the skin

THE DETAILS: Environ Skin EssentiA Dual-Action pre-cleansing Oil Gently and effectively cleanse by helping to remove excess oils and make-up from the skin. Assists with moisturising and hydrating the look of the skin by helping to prevent the stripping of natural oils from the surface. Helps act as a solvent for excessive sebum that may cause clogging, thus reducing the signs of congestion.

SAPPHIRE SKINCARE TIP:  Using this product before your usual cleaner ensures that your skin is an ultra clean base with no unwanted bacteria so you can continue with your skincare routine.

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